Rising Wages

Photo courtesy of freshfruitportal.com

Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan, in their article concerning the farming crisis in California, provide an interesting insight into US history and our economy. There is currently a decreased demand for farm laboring in California, an exact reversal of the Bracero Program of World War II enacted to supply the US with a supply of Mexican workers – most American men were fighting, so labor shortages led to more female workers and programs like the Bracero Program to bring in immigrant labor. The trend of farm labor shortage is due to Obama’s stringent immigration policies, followed by Trump’s even more stringent laws as well as his proposed policies of deportation. Growers have tried to counter this labor shortage by paying more and more for labor, as well as providing more benefits to said laborers. I think that this article is interesting because it shows an exact reversal of previous US immigration policies that affect our economy.


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