When Life Hits You in the Feels

Photo courtesy of weknowyourdreams.com

Today has been a very stressful and depressing day for me. What started off as a gloomy morning evolved into a tragically depressing night of studying for upcoming AP exams. During my study break, I chose to talk to one of my close friends. We were talking about our current grades, but our conversation quickly evolved from schoolwork into fears of what life had in store for us. I’ll include excerpts from our conversation:

life is short
youll be out of that class soon
sooner than youd like
and before long
youll be in college
and then youll have a family
grow old
see your kids grow
and before long
youre 70
think back to this day
when you and i were 17
thinking about the problems we would have in life
listening to la la land
really fits in
thinking about life in 5 years
like mia and seb
struggling in life, finding their dreams, becoming successful and happy
the only thing they didnt have was each other
i have to finish this calc
dude i want to sleep rn
sleep away the problems
take away the pain
wake up on a brighter day
reflect on life
just be happy
hit it hard
keep coming back
no matter what happens in life
keep trying
for a brighter day
a better you
dont stop
no matter what
the only person youre hurting is yourself
“..like it hits you, but it’s not the pain that hurts” – Brian Chu 2017
Sorry for such a depressing blog 😦

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