School Stress

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Yes, my blogs have focused on school as of lately. And yes, this trend will continue for another month or two. With many different tests and exams coming up in the new three months, I’ve felt a heavy load on my shoulders trying to balance all of this studying along with trying to maintain my current grades. With the SAT, AP exams, finals, and SBAC testing well on the way, sleep is one thing I haven’t been getting much of. In its place I have found myself doing APUSH outlines or studying Calculus. As difficult as that may seem, many of my peers are taking more AP classes than me, getting higher grades than me, studying more than me, and will probably score better than me on these upcoming tests.

However, I’ve discovered that I shouldn’t be discouraged by this. Other peoples’ success shouldn’t bring me down – rather, it should motivate me to aim higher and strive for greater things. Instead of being jealous of somebody else’s success, I should try to focus on myself and my own improvement. Jealousy can only hurt – it doesn’t help to be jealous, and instead of hating, one should try to reflect on themselves and seek whatever they desire in life.



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