School Life


These past few weeks, my despisal of calculus and APUSH have been increasing ever more.

I dislike APUSH in that my homework consists of outlining the textbook, a process which takes six hours at the very least so long as I’m not procrastinating or getting distracted. I don’t know how 90% of this knowledge could possibly help me in the workforce unless I end up becoming a historian (which I most likely won’t), so spending six + hours reading a book and outlining it is one of the most frustrating things I could possibly do. And still, I grudgingly do it to maintain a good grade in the class.

Calculus is and will remain the worst memory of my junior year. I make no sense of the math I do – I simply do it how I’m taught, not understanding what any of the numbers or concepts mean. As one of my classmates asked: “when will I use this in real life?” I don’t know when finding the trapezoidal approximation would be practical in everyday life, but I “learn” the concept so I can get a mediocre grade and attempt to pass the class. I patiently wait for the day after May 9 (the day of the AP Calculus exam) so that my brain can finally recover after countless outlining and calculating integrals.



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