Celebrity Activism

Photo courtesy of media.vanityfair.com

After reading this article on celebrity activism, I couldn’t help but question the power and influence of celebrities. Undoubtedly, there are many celebrities who use social media to point out a public issue without doing much themselves, or who use their accounts merely for self-promotion. There are also those who choose to make a difference and who use social media to extend their voice to others. Having finished an APUSH outline before reading the article, I couldn’t help but relate Shia Labeouf and his exhibit to the struggles of labor groups and such, groups who sought reforms through public demonstrations and rallies. Some used violence, while others simply used walk-out or sit-in methods to achieve their goals. While some celebrities may merely be speaking out on issues while not doing anything themselves, I’m glad that they at least took a little bit of their time to address the problem, rather than do nothing at all.



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