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Donald Trump’s spelling mistake in his first tweet as the POTUS has remained a questionable issue. Add on how he claimed Sweden was being terrorized and that accounts for many critics of him.

I am shocked that Trump could afford something so simple as a spelling mistake. He holds one of the most important jobs in the world, yet he can’t spell a word correctly. People can argue that all humans make mistakes, and to that I say: at least get someone to proofread for you. The fact that he let a simple spelling mistake get past him shows how he could be careless.

Both in past and present, Trump has said and done many controversial things, such as: aiming to build a wall as well as grabbing women, to name a few. All of these things are stacking up against him and his public image. I feel a little sorry for all the times he’s been embarrassed and all the criticism he has to deal with, but he should at least try to seem more professional in his work.


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