Squid Reflection


My blogs have consisted mainly about life and school. I generally talk about what happens in school and try to relate it to life – how school affects me or maybe the stress that it puts me through. I’ve noticed that I normally get more views on my blogs about life where I relate it to human nature. I talk about experiences in life dealing with mistakes and faults, whether mine or someone else’s. I think this is because human nature is interesting and I’m curious to explore different perspectives and other people’s thought processes. Throughout the year, I’ve returned time and time again to this subject because that’s what originally started my blog.


This blog is one of my most viewed blogs. It’s about how my sister was the victim of a hit and run car accident. A question that still haunts me is why couldn’t the hitter face up to his/her mistakes? Why did they have to leave my sister without so much as a sorry? I think part of the reason why I got so many views on this particular blog was because of how it relates again to human nature, this time morality. I questioned why this person was so immoral and didn’t own up to his/her mistakes.


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