Notes on the Upper Muddle

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Lucinda Rosenfeld’s article  provides an interesting insight on the class system and how society works. I agree with the idea that people tend to gravitate towards those with similar interests as them, as proved in Rosenfeld’s story of her child who had “managed to home in on the only other child in her class of 25 whose parents worked in book publishing”.

In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby acts similarly to Rosenfeld’s daughter in how he chooses to surround himself with society’s upper class. Throughout the story, we see Gatsby always surrounded by the rich and powerful; never do we see  or hear Gatsby being associated and mentioned with society’s bottom class.

The reasoning behind why people gravitate towards those similar to themselves has to do with common interests and goals, since they can relate with one another better than a person trying to relate to their exact opposite.


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