Grades and Success

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Finals week is here, and with it an absurd amount of stress for all students. Some students have spent the past few weeks studying and preparing, while others aren’t doing any studying at all. Although studying is highly recommended by both teachers and parents alike, it isn’t necessary to study in order to succeed in life. Success in the real world is often paired with good grades and studying, but I don’t think grades/studying determine one’s future (this doesn’t mean that I don’t study). I believe drive/grit/motivation are what ultimately decide one’s future success, since if somebody puts their mind to it they can most of the times achieve their goals.

I want to spread the message that even if somebody fails any of their finals tests, it doesn’t mean the end of their education and success. I don’t encourage purposely failing, but improving and success both come with many failures. As Winston Churchill once said: “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.


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