The Lies We Tell

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Lying is a part of human nature, something we’ve all done in our lives. Some of us try to be as honest as possible, while others lie just for the sake of lying. At times we may be tempted to lie, whether to benefit ourselves or to prevent something from happening, such as hurting a person’s feelings, but ultimately it’s up to us to make the moral choice.

I was reminded of this as my AP language class listened to the radio discussion concerning fake news. My teacher showed us a tweet of a picture of flowers described as being radioactive due to their relative distance from the Fukushima nuclear plant. We were asked whether the tweet was real or fake news, to which the majority of us answered fake. We were correct, although the radio discussion talked about how 70% of students believed the story to be real.

According to the radio discussion, people made a lot of money writing and advertising fake news articles on the internet. This reaffirmed my belief that some people lie for their own benefit. They write fake news for others to read, all so that they can make money. My question is whether or not writing fake news is considered immoral. The people might be lying, but they are lying to make money to support themselves and possibly their family.


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