The Gift of Giving


As a kid, I always thought of Christmas as the best holiday. I always loved to observe the Christmas tree, admiring it and all its radiating lights and ornaments. The best part was always looking under the tree to see the stacks of presents piled one on top of another, disorganized and waiting for me to go through them to find which ones were mine.

Growing up, I’ve come to the realization that Christmas isn’t merely a time of getting presents. It’s a time where we share our wealth with others, giving gifts to those less fortunate and appreciating that which we have. It’s still OK to receive presents, but the important thing is that we share our wealth with others rather than focusing on ourselves and our own desires.

Another thing I’ve been enlightened to is the fact that price doesn’t matter – thought does. As a kid, I loved all my Lego sets but always felt inclined to play with the more expensive sets, since in my eyes they were always cooler due solely to their price. Growing up has made me realize that the thought put into finding presents better defines them rather than their price tags. This doesn’t make any present less valuable, however, and all presents should be appreciated.


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