An Occasion for Vacation


Thanksgiving Break is finally here! It’s a time for us to delight in our endeavors,  a time where we recuperate and reflect on life… it’s relaxation for our hard-earned break!

My first thought upon leaving school that Friday (11/18/16) was that I would finally get to go to 7 Leaves. I had waited for two weeks (for Thanksgiving Break to start) so that I could redeem my stamp card for a free drink.

However, Thanksgiving Break isn’t just a time where we indulge in life. It’s also a time of reflection and gratitude, a time where we thank our families and friends for being there for us – similar to how the Native Americans were there for the pilgrims. It’s not just about spending time with friends and families after a long-awaited break… it’s a time where we thank everybody for coming together and bringing about a wonderful time.

Also… Christmas is coming!!!


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