Owning up to Mistakes


What I despise more than anything else in the world is immorality. It encompasses all the negative aspects of life, like being dishonest or unfaithful.

That being said, this week proved to be a terrible week for me. My sister’s car was involved in a hit-and-run accident, where nobody was present except for whoever hit her car. Rather than face up to their mistake and pay for the damages dealt, they chose to be immoral and leave without so much as a sorry note. The person’s immorality is putting stress on my family, since we now have to pay the damages caused by a stranger.

I don’t understand how people can be so immoral. I know that if I were ever to be involved in a situation like this where I hit another car (and I pray that I never do) I wouldn’t abandon the scene and leave the afflicted with all the problems. It goes to show how you can’t trust some people in life, although this situation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust anybody in life. I pray that whoever hit my sister’s car turns his/her life around by doing the right thing in the future, although it’s ultimately up to them to be the bigger person and do the moral things.


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