America – Home Sweet Home?

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This Tuesday was one of the most controversial dates in recent history. It was the big election day, where Donald Trump was announced the 45th president of the US. There had been much controversy and conflict between the Trump and Clinton factions throughout the months, but Tuesday was probably the worst day of tension and conflict.

Trump’s winning the election tore our country in half. It caused conflicts between neighbors, as well as tearing families apart. The Trump supporters were swooning from victory over “crooked Hillary”, while Hillary’s voters were calling for a redraw. Whether physically or through the media and internet, the two factions have been at constant tensions, calling each other out over the respective candidate’s faults and shaming them for their beliefs.

To me, this is a very concerning matter. The future of our nation rests on us, and arguing over each candidate’s policies isn’t exactly helping us progress or better ourselves; rather, it’s only causing tensions and further separating us over our differing beliefs. While I remain neutral in the Hillary v. Trump arguments, I believe that we should try to come together as a nation, rather than argue about who’s right or wrong. This is the way to insure the future success of our nation.


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