A Puzzling Mystery

Photo credit to kingofwallpapers.com

Over the weekend I read an article about a strange “ping” being emitted from the Arctic Ocean. The noise had been reported for months by Canadian fishers that believed the noise was driving away the marine life.

I thought about a movie I recently watched, The Shallows, which was about a surfer trying to fend herself against a shark. I tried to unite the article with this movie, thinking about the vast ocean and what it held. In the movie, I noticed that there were no marine animals in the ocean besides the great white shark and the dead whale. That was similar to the article since there were less animals in the ocean after the ping.

I don’t know what’s happening in the Arctic Ocean, but I find it puzzling and delightful of the similarities it shares with The Shallows, which also deals with ocean life. It broadens me to the idea of a vast and bountiful world of life, since we haven’t explored the majority of the world’s oceans, which still remain unknown in today’s modern world.


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