Your Inner Self

Rather than being wrapped in seaweed like a traditional sushi roll, this roll was enveloped in an Anaheim Chile pepper. It doesn’t conform to the typical sushi rolls.

At some point in our lives, we all struggle to conform with society. We may dress a certain way to be “hip”, or speak a certain way to fit in.

There was no better time for this than during Edison week, where each day we had a different dress up theme. There were those who chose to dress up on certain days like me, those who dressed up every day, and those who didn’t participate in the school spirit.

This idea can be united with Mr. Nelson, my APUSH teacher, who chose to dress up in school spirit on certain days of Edison week; however, on Friday, when we were to dress in blue, he chose to wear red instead, drawing up criticism from some of the students. He didn’t conform with society, since he didn’t wear blue to fit in, and yet he wasn’t ashamed of the fact that he wasn’t matching the rest of the school. Rather than be ashamed, he called out those who criticized him, since many of them didn’t dress in the school spirit every day, similar to himself.

This story speaks a very important message of life: be true to yourself. You shouldn’t do something because “everyone’s doing it”; rather, do it because you want to. You shouldn’t conform to the definitions of society; be yourself, and people will like you for who you are.


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