The Impact of Education


Education is one of the most vital components of human society in our modern world. It makes for “honorable members of society” as Mr. Nelson says, and it’s crucial for human advancement and development.

But how should people approach education? Should it be done formally in a classroom between a teacher and his/her students, or maybe done at home on a computer?

My answer: however the student sees fit. For me, I take delight in classes where we don’t sit around all day reading books and doing math problems, as is typical of physics and computer-oriented classes. Rather, I like classes with active engagement, where we can work with our friends and peers to learn.

This is akin to my AP Language class. Mr. Ziebarth doesn’t run a conventional classroom; instead, he teaches us as well as lets us direct our own learning. As shown in the picture above, he lets us read in groups around the school campus, rather than sit in a classroom all day. It’s things like this that make me enjoy my education at FVHS.


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