It happens to the best of us. Often times, we choose to put ourselves down over daily matters in our life; for example, we might call ourselves dumb after failing a test that we studied for, or ugly because we get rejected by that special someone. However, we shouldn’t try to focus on the negative aspects of life; try to focus on the positives instead.

Why do we put ourselves down? Is it low self esteem? Depression or anxiety? According to a study, one factor that affects us is our friends. The people you hang out with can make your life something great, or they can put you down, in which case you should probably find better friends.

I can relate this to my friend Jason, who’s always concerned with his hat. He’s always admiring his Stussy hat, which concerns us fellow students since he chooses to admire it while we physics students work on our labs. Rather than participate in the labs, he either talks about his hats or snaps pictures of it to our friends Julie and Tara. He shouldn’t be so obsessed with his hat; people will like him for his personality, not the hat he wears.

I want to get the point across: be yourself and appreciate yourself. People will like you for who you are, not what you wear or how you look.


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