Happiness in the Heart


Grades. A word that can unite all of us, no matter our differences. We all know the struggles, the one class we fall behind in. And the delight as we find out that our grades have risen.

For me, that’s physics. I struggle in the class not because of my teacher, but because I am uninterested in the class as well as distracted by my friends. You can imagine the delight as I discovered that my grade had risen after a week of waiting for grade updates.

This brings me to question: what triggers happiness? Is it finding success in our daily lives? Achieving something we have striven for? For me, it’s my grades that bring me happiness. I felt the delight as I opened up my Canvas to find that Mr. Larson had updated my grade, raising it by a full letter. My friends shared that delight, congratulating me on my latest endeavors. That teaches a valuable lesson: strive and aim high and don’t let anything stop you on your path to success.

#larson #physics #group6


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