The Path to Procrastination


Why do people procrastinate? Is it because what we are supposed to do is too boring, or because we just don’t want to do it?

That is something that I ask myself all the time, including right now while I try to stall my APUSH outline. For me, I’m just too lazy to do homework, often times stalling until a couple of hours before an assignment is due before I actually get any progress done. This isn’t true for most people though. One of my friends, Julie, takes harder classes than me and she manages her time better, which surprises me. I can barely manage my AP classes and often times I delay my homework, so seeing that she can finish all her homework for her tougher classes shocks me.

People procrastinate based on many factors, one important factor being grit. Grit is like a motivational factor – people work harder and through tougher situations due to their desire to get further in life, or at least that’s how Mr. Nelson described it. Life isn’t something that can just be thrown away – like the picture (which was taken at the Irvine Spectrum) says, “life is too important”, and so we should look into ourselves to try and strive for the finer things in life.


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