Have you ever stopped to wonder: where am I going in my life?

This is a question one of my friends, Brian, asked. He’s a great human being that’s an excellent swimmer, as well as a diligent student taking AP courses. Anyway, we had been talking about APUSH and the most recent quiz we took, which he said he passed with a 10/10,as opposed to my score of 9/10. He had aced several quizzes in the past, as well as passed a test with a perfect score. This got me thinking about education, and the pathways one takes in life.

I guess part of the reason why some people excel in specific subjects is due to their interest in them. People might particularly focus on areas that may help them in the future, thus answering the question of where they are going in life. That explains my A grade in English, as well as the fact that I’m in calculus. This discussion broadened my view and understanding of school; I’m enlightened on why people can be so smart in some aspects of school while failing others.


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