The End or the Beginning

Life is an endless journey we as humans take every waking moment. Are we beginning something new, or ending something we’ve become used to? This idea identifies with bananas… which side is the beginning of the banana, and which side is the end?

The answer to this question is that it’s all perspective. What you may see as the beginning, someone else may see as an ending. Going back to the banana, some people believe we should eat the banana from the stem (the beginning of the banana which is broken from the tree), similar to monkeys, while others argue that we should hold the stem and start eating from the end.

My answer: eat however you want to eat, and don’t let others tell you how to eat food. You can eat sushi with a spoon for all that matters. My message is basically: the end and beginning are social constructs.


One thought on “The End or the Beginning

  1. I love how insightful your article is. It really make one reflect on how they live their lives and to not become subjected to others’ will. I can really appreciate the emphasis on individuality in your post. Keep up the great work!


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