Indulge in life and revoke the negativity


My friend told me about how she was judged for the type of pho she liked eating. This came as a surprise to me, since she was an all-around great person, and so I didn’t expect others to shame her for liking food. This got me thinking, and I questioned myself, asking: “Why are people shamed for liking specific things?”

I guess we shouldn’t take these things into account. Everybody has contrasting ideas and opinions, but these shouldn’t affect how you are. Maybe someone doesn’t share the same interests in food as you, but in the words of Mr. Nelson: “So what?” We as people should try to live and indulge in life, rather than live in fear of being judged. Life would be more fun if we just seized every moment (carpe diem) without others judging, rather than constantly being worried that somebody won’t like what it is you’re doing. Revoke the negativity that others place on you, and most important of all, indulge in life.


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