The Meaning of School

The other day I was talking to my friend Zack about school. We have 3 classes together, one of them being APUSH. That was his only AP class, which he was already struggling in, so he asked me how I could manage my classes.

I often ask myself that same question: why did I choose such a tough schedule for my junior year. What am I striving for?  A high paying job? Lifelong friends? Why do I choose to invest so much of my time in my AP classes when I could be out with my friends and family?

The answer is that there is no answer. Everybody has different goals and desires. Me, I want to self-improve, to one day be successful and happy. Maybe other people just want to have fun right there and then. I know people have different looks and views on this, and that’s fine. Everyone is out living life, making choices and decisions. Nobody is forcing this education on me; I’m simply choosing it while looking ahead into the far future and the outcomes of a happier and healthier me.


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